Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been used to make people feel powerful. I learned this concept young, traveling with my family in the Southwest and watching Native American pow wows. The pride in the dancers faces would mirror the pride my grandmother felt when showing me her prized turquoise jewelry collection while picking out just the right piece for the day. This reverence for jewelry had not fully manifested in my life until I lost my New York City apartment in a fire and was very close to turning back – giving up on my dreams of empowering women through beauty and fashion – and moving back to LA to do God only knows! A chance trip to a flea market changed all of that when I bought my first pair of vintage 80's clip on earrings. How incredible they felt – how BEAUTIFUL they looked – and how powerful I felt when I wore them. The dealer graciously took me under his wing and thus, a full fledged jewelry fanatic was born. Upon the first few months of wearing larger, bolder pieces – I could feel the way people responded to me changing. Business men would compliment my necklace in an elevator, teenage girls would strike up a conversation on the subway about my earrings. This change in the way I dressed and adorned myself translated into so many more parts of my life – until it was only natural that I would start to produce my own jewelry collection. I want my pieces to help you feel fierce and strong, even if you don't deep down that day. Trust me, it will make a difference in your life – as it has in mine.