• Please order based on your Cup size.

  • The band is completely adjustable and can be tied for the perfect fit.

  • If under a Size 38 Band, please SIZE DOWN.

  • For example, a 40DD = Size 2.

  • But a 36DD = Size 1.

CB Bottoms Size Chart.png
  • For many of us, it is a new feeling to wear 'only' the triangle. But trust us - you will soon be hooked! 

  • The top should lay on your bust like a second skin, leaving you free decide how much support you want depending on how tight you tie it. 

  • There is plenty of fabric for coverage.

  • This is STRETCH fabric

  • If in between sizes, please SIZE DOWN

  • Our bottoms are meant to sit high on the hip

  • Any fit questions, we are happy to help!

  • Please email 

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