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Woman Owned and Made in America!


Curvy Beach CEO, Elizabeth Taylor (L)

A California native inspired by the beaches of Miami, Elizabeth knew there was something missing in the swimwear market. She found herself longing for the luxury swimsuits that her smaller size friends were wearing and decided to take the leap of faith and self fund her own line: Curvy Beach.
After a viral success on Facebook of 12 million views, her first stock of 100 bikinis sold out in 24 hours and changed the entire fashion industry. 
Combining her passion for 80’s vintage silhouettes and the fit expertise of a garment industry pro, Curvy Beach has grown so rapidly that  in 2019 Elizabeth quit modeling to run it full time. She relocated to Miami and is living her dream of helping women love their bodies. 


Curvy Beach BFF CFO, Megan Stancill (R)

Megan Stancill is a former plus size model from NYC who met Elizabeth Taylor while working in the fashion industry.  After two decades working as a model she left the fashion industry and became a doctor of physical therapy and practices privately in Miami, Florida.  
Megan is also a yoga and pilates teacher and has written a best-selling book “Megayoga,” the first book with modifications for curvy bodies. She ran a size inclusive yoga school in the NYC flower district and has always been dedicated to body positivity, healthy movement and celebrating all bodies.  Megan officially joined Curvy Beach as ‘employee #1’ in 2021 and looks forward to seeing it grow.