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After a viral success on Facebook of 12 million views and her first stock of 100 bikinis selling out in 24 hours - Elizabeth Taylor changed the entire fashion industry. She knew in her gut women of all sizes wanted string bikinis and she was determined to give it to them.

Born and raised in Southern California, designer Elizabeth Claire Taylor knew there was something missing in the swimwear market. With over 10 years of plus model experience, she found herself longing for the luxury swimsuits that her smaller size friends were wearing.

Combining her passion for 80’s vintage silhouettes and the fit expertise of a garment industry pro, Elizabeth knew it was time start her own line: Curvy Beach.

Elizabeth is confident these new and exciting styles will accent the female form in a way no other current brands can.

Here at Curvy Beach, we aim to serve the ‘forgotten woman’ who no longer feels sexy or powerful at the beach. Ranging from sizes 4 - 26 and A-J cups, Curvy Beach breeches the gap between ‘missy’ and ‘plus’ sizes - giving her the high fashion styles, fabrics and trims that are not often (or ever) seen in this size range.

Manufacturing in the United States was very important to Elizabeth, so we are proud to say our suits are made right here in America but can be shipped all over the world for you to enjoy.

We also do not use any airbrushing on our models and think it’s groundbreaking to show women as they are - thus furthering the connecting between her body and how she sees where she belongs in this perfection obsessed world.

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